Inservice for Professionals

Emily is experienced in providing trainings and inservice for public school music teachers, private music teachers, preschool teachers, and day care providers. Topics have included:

  • Strategies to help Special Learners in the Music Classroom

  • Teaching the Special Learner: Wisdom and Strategies for the Independent Music Teacher

  • Children with Special Needs: Understanding their Challenges; Meeting their Needs

  • Children with Special Needs: Meeting their Needs with Music

  • Communication and Language: What a Daycare Provider Can Do to Promote Language Development

Informational Meetings for Parents

Emily has presented for community organizations such as The Autism Society of Oregon, ARC, and PACE (Parent and Child Enrichment). Topics have included:

  • What is Music Therapy?

  • Music Lessons for My Child with Special Needs: What Every Parent Should Know

  • Music to my Ears: How Music Therapy can help a child with ASD

Professional Topics for Music Therapists

Emily has presented at local, regional, and national music therapy conferences on the following topics:

  • Music Therapy for Children with Disabilities: A Transpersonal Approach

  • Therapeutic Decision Making: Using Erickson's Developmental Model to Approach Clients Effectively

  • Ethical Issues in Music Therapy

  • Mind-Full Music Therapy: A Multi-Sensory Approach for Structuring Music Therapy Groups in Special Education

  • Sensory Friendly Concerts: A Round Table

Thank you for sending J and E [music teachers] to this specialized training. It is incredibly heart-warming to see all the hard work they have put into making music an awesome experience for my students. I wish all specialists could have specialized training on how to best support students from ISC settings and other specialized programs. The positive impact this type of support has on our teachers and students has made me feel genuinely grateful.
— ISC teacher, Beaverton School District - in communiction to the district's Fine Arts Coordinator