Adaptive Music Lessons


what are adaptive Music lessons?

While music therapy focuses on working toward non-musical goals, adaptive music lessons work on developing musical skills. This may include:

  • learning to produce a clear sound,

  • learning or improving the ability to read notes,

  • proper care and assembly of an instrument,

  • learning how to practice

All of these skills can be approached with accommodations adjusted to the developmental level of the student.

For some students, it makes sense to start with a simpler instrument such as a recorder before moving on to the band instrument.

is your child “ready” for adaptive music lessons?

  • Does your child want to play this instrument?

  • Does your child have the ability to focus on an activity (not counting a video game) for at least 15 minutes without a break?

  • Does your child try to pick out tunes on a melodic instrument - like piano or a xylophone (as opposed to exploring/trying out all the features or notes)

If you answered yes to all three, your child is probably ready for lessons.

If you answered no or you are not sure about any of the above, you might consider starting with music therapy.

Beginning lessons - or pre-beginning band lessons - are available on any woodwind or brass instrument (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, French horn and trombone).

Beginning through intermediate lessons are available on French horn and guitar.