Individual Music Therapy


what happens in individual music therapy at Hoofnhorn?

Individual sessions run 45 or 60 minutes in length. Many clients benefit from a written schedule (using a small white board) to be able to anticipate the flow of the session.

Sessions are individually designed for each client, but are also client-centered. This means that the client makes decisions throughout every session regarding length of an experience, which instruments to play, what lyrics to put in a song, and which songs to sing. This does not mean the client runs the session! But it does mean that the client’s attention span, preferences for certain timbres and songs, and needs for repetition or novelty, is at the forefront of every session.

assessment and treatment planning:

Music therapy, like other professional services such as occupational therapy and physical therapy, begins with an assessment. At HoofnHorn, we assess to determine current functioning level and to determine interests and preferences. We do not diagnose.

Assessment occurs over the first 3-4 sessions. It is informal and fun, and develops organically between client and therapist. Assessment also includes input from the family and the individual about interests and areas of strength and need.

Once the assessment is complete, the music therapist writes a Treatment Plan. This will include a summary of the assessment and the non-musical goals for the client, and the musical experiences that will be used to work toward those goals. Regular music therapy sessions proceed after that time and can be short term, such as 8-12 weeks, or long term.

Progress reports are shared with the parents or caregiver every month.

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