Communication, Engagement, & Growth through the Therapeutic use of Music

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Individual Music Therapy

1:1 Music Therapy is person-centered and focused on non-musical goals identified by the participant and/or the family, along with the music therapist.

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Small Group Music Therapy

For two to four clients. When clients are ready to practice social skills of sharing instruments, taking turns, and leading as well as following with peers, a small music therapy group offers support and real-time feedback.

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Adaptive Music Lessons

Adaptive Music Lessons provide music instruction on a particular instrument at an adjusted pace with special attention to the learner’s needs.

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Recreational Music Groups

Be the host of an 8-session series where your family member can invite 1-3 guests to join them for music just for the fun of it.

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Trainings and Inservice

For parents or professionals


Board-Certified Music Therapist

About Emily Ross

Emily has been working as a professional music therapist since 2003.

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